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Junior League Gallery

Interior view of the Junior League GalleryLocated in the Bama Theatre, the Junior League Gallery opened in 1983 through fundraising efforts by members of the Junior League of Tuscaloosa. Originally the balcony lobby, the space was converted to a gallery through the installation of appropriate lighting and the alteration of the walls, making them suitable for hanging art work. In addition to Arts Council sponsored competitions/exhibits, the space is also available to local artists for individual or group exhibits commission free. Artists will be required to have a portfolio and original samples of their work for presentation to the staff before an exhibit is scheduled. 

"Day 5" by Jennifer Hamner"The Last Brush of Kush"

Exhibit: October 3 – 31
Reception: October 10 from 6:30 – 8 p.m. at the gallery

An exhibit by Northport artist Jennifer Hamner will be hosted by The Arts Council of Tuscaloosa at the Bama Theatre’s Junior League Gallery during October. Titled “The Last Brush of Kush,” it will be composed of seven large format paintings and will be on display throughout the month.  (Pictured left, Day 5, by Hamner)

 Artist Statement
“The Last Brush of Kush” is a series of seven paintings representing the seven days of Creation. The title for this series was chosen because Kush is an ancient African Kingdom that is now known as the modern regions of Aswan, Egypt and Khartoum, Sudan. Art and architecture flourished in this ancient kingdom and presently these areas, particularly Sudan, are known for art. Sudan has a very long history of Christianity, but even today Christians only account for a very small portion of the predominantly Islamic strong hold. Years of civil unrest have driven Christians and artists in Sudan and surrounding areas into secrecy. Many Christian artists have developed a cultural and religious underground in order to remain safe as they spread their beliefs. Their paintings or other works of art symbolize events or stories in the Bible. Many artists know that if their attempts to spread their message through their art are discovered by extremists, they could be killed. Each painting is approx. 48" wide x 48" high x 2" thick. The pieces, comprised mainly of design elements, are colorful and have somewhat of an African flair. They are wrapped with a custom made frame constructed of 2 W crown mould. Once “The Last Brush of Kush” is completed, the paintings will be donated to The Genesis Mission Home, a branch of Mission Teens.  

“This series was my attempt to share the story of creation by paintings alone. There are no words on the paintings, just beautiful, vibrant pictures of the unfolding of life,” stated the artist.

Jennifer R. Hamner (a.k.a J. M. Rubino) resides in Northport, Ala. with her two daughters, Marisa and Salena, and their two rescued dogs, Maggie and Wally. She enjoys writing and currently contributes monthly for “SAVED News” and quarterly for “Faith Filled Family Magazine.” Prior to writing for these publications, she was a monthly contributing author for “Knitted Together by God.” She is an active author at Faitherwriters.com where she participates in their weekly Writing Challenge. Two of her weekly pieces recently earned her the Editor’s Choice Award and will be published in two separate “Mixed Blessings” books by Breath of Fresh Air Press. Her first novel, “The Route,” was released on Memorial Day, 2014. The profits earned from the novel benefit The Find HOPE Here Project, a Christian non-profit organization she founded. Hamner is an active speaker in Tuscaloosa and the surrounding counties for agencies and organizations such as Celebrate Recovery, A Woman’s Place and The Phoenix House. She also enjoys painting, recently completing and donating five acrylic works to The Braydon House in Tuscaloosa. Her mission in life is to use the talents God gifted her to help others draw near to Him.


Gallery Hours:

Mon-Fri 9-12 am & 1-4 pm & during Bama Theatre events

Junior League Gallery Quick Information:

Gallery Hours: 
Monday – Friday
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Also open during all
Bama Theatre events

Located in the Bama Theatre, enter the gallery through The Arts Council offices, located on the second floor of the PARA Building, during weekday hours.

For more information contact Sharron Rudowski at education@tuscarts.org

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