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Anne Guthrie


Daniel Bradshaw


Ann Bourne


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Board Member of the Month - January 2021

The Arts Council Board of Directors is an integral part of the organization’s support system both within the Council and in the community at large. We will be featuring individual members of our board in our monthly newsletter and on our website.

Our first is Anne Wilson Guthrie, President of the Board of Directors.

Anne Guthrie

A native of Tuscaloosa, Anne Wilson Guthrie brings a wide variety of career and community experience to the Board. Having served since 2013, she was Vice-President from 2018-2020 and assumed the role of President in June of this year. Guthrie has been a member of the unique father-daughter law firm at Wilson & Guthrie since 2001 with areas of specialty including domestic relations, consumer bankruptcy law, general civil litigation, juvenile law, and probate work. She also manages the daily operations of this small, but well-established firm.


She is a graduate of The University of Alabama School of Law, Juris Doctor 2000, and a 1996 Cum Laude Graduate, UA Honors Program, with a Bachelor of Arts in Speech and Communication.

Guthrie’s commitment to the arts has deep roots. As a child, Guthrie was always exposed to music and has fond memories of her father accompanying her and her siblings in sing alongs. Like many Southerners, the family watched everything from Lawrence Welk to Hee Haw, which could explain her eclectic taste in music. “The Punch and Judy shows at the Bama were my first exposure to live theatre,” she said. “I love art in all forms – jewelry, china, sterling, poetry, needle work, Federal and Adams furniture, and flower gardens. My latest love is large mosaics.” Growing up in Tuscaloosa provided her with an amazing exposure to the arts. Shows at the Bama Theatre, the Kentuck Festival, Sam Jackson’s Emporium, the Tuscaloosa Symphony, Jack Warner’s art collection, the Stillman College Choir, and the fabulous pipe organs in the downtown churches all played an important role in her devotion to the arts as an adult.

“I am like an arm chair quarterback – I can’t sing, dance, draw, or play the piano well,  but I love art.”

Her participation in other local groups and events includes those at First Methodist Church, local schools, Center Court Club, and the Psi Chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta Fraternity. She is married to Dan Guthrie, owner of Guthrie of Landscape Service, and has three children. Her favorite pastimes include weekends in the country and deep sea fishing.

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